citizens square and Metropolitan Building

The first photo is actually of the view from our hotel window; really harsh light after sleeping in. This was definitely the day the doldrums set in for me; we just kind of wandered a bit, didn’t do a lot– wait, no. That was the first couple hours. Then we went to the robot restaurant, which is another post entirely, and for which I may have to once again pull out the slideshow functionality I was using earlier. This part of the day was very harsh light that I somehow forced to cooperate in a few places.

I said it on twitter, and I’ll say it again here: Sometimes winning is just deciding to keep going. Not to have an income doing something you love, or to be recognized and justly famous (or even known by the people in your sub-sub-sub specialty). “To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” Just keep going. Do the things you need to do. Do what you have to to live, but hold on to that other stuff too. If you have to start and stop a project 10 times, if it takes you 5 years instead of 5 days, hold fast, keep at it.

In other (related) news, I’m thinking about starting up PROJECT SAN PABLO again. Photography is my thing, but the project really animates it. I don’t know. Nothing else is really suggesting itself. I need to make a routine out of going and shooting. Find people, and then find people that might be able to help me find other people. Maybe I’ll try the library.

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halloween night in Tokyo

So this is a little bit later that night, going to the big square in Shibuya. We didn’t really get to see it that night; the whole place was cordoned and under police control after riots earlier in the evening. The funny thing was: there could have been a riot across the street and I don’t thing we’d have been able to tell the difference. Just a bazillion bodies jammed in next to each other.

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welcome (back) to tokyo

I feel like there may have been a nap or something when we got into town, after checking in to our accidentally swanky hotel (when you book on the internet, it’s hard to tell sometimes). In any case, by the time we left it was dark outside.

I really like the building in the second picture, dead center. I looked up what it was at the time, but I’d rather go with my first impression, that it’s a spaceship stranded on earth pretending to be a skyscraper (and the egg next to it the crew’s efforts to build an escape).

We went to a place called, I shit you not, “Piss Alley,” where we had pretty OK yakitori and interesting sightseeing. I say we went there, but really we wandered and got lost on our way, went to a place that said it was Piss Alley but wasn’t, and then found our friends, Christa and Nicholas, and got some dinner. I had forgotten, but it was also Halloween. So this was just the start of the night.

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fuji and back to Tokyo

I was going to rant about a thing, but decided on balance that I should just chill. These are photos from getting back to Tokyo and making our way to the overly fancy hotel. We weren’t the only tourists out in Shinjuku.

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