sophias birthday karaoke @ the mint

Posting when I’m moderately more coherent than I usually am… what can I say, the thoughts that come out at 1am are a little disjointed. It’s a blog. There’s no peer review, no editor. There’s rarely a proofreader. Anybody can hang a little piece of content on the internet to call their own; that some of it is rough and a lot of it is crap goes with the territory. BUT, the extraordinary freedom that comes with that is really great; you get people being their truest, most honest. The ideas don’t always join up but the photos, being mainly about a feeling, usually still work.

My recollection of this evening is a little blurry, too. It was Sophie’s actual birthday, and we invited a ton of people, made the different friend groups all come together a bit. The Oklahomies, the Cali friends, the work friends; if you didn’t get an invite, it’s solely my fault and the capacity of the room.

The Mint was a lot of fun. Rum and cokes all night, and then I find myself outside having a smoke (don’t worry mom, I don’t inhale) and looking up and taking drunken pictures of the palm trees. And then back inside. Yes, I sang something. No, I was busy, so I didn’t get any photos of that.

Enough rambling. Time to go party.

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street with the 15mm

Working on it. There’s these, then a night of karaoke, and then a bunch of pictures from Kyoto. I haven’t been taking many pictures the last couple weeks. To tell the truth, I feel like I haven’t been leaving the house a ton. I was sick there for a week and then this week I’ve kinda kept the schedule clear, just to get some rest (he says, typing a blog post at 1am after working on projects since 10pm).

Anyway. Here are some photos.

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shortly before japan

This would have been something like 3 or 4 days before we left for Japan? So that makes me almost six months behind the moment on posting. Ah well. I really like the first image, all those different faces kind of lined up. The second one has two of the performers we were there to see, I think they were friends of friends of Christa’s? The projector had like a bazillion dead pixels; the lines in the smoke-filled bar were kind of better than the projection.

I decided with these to just let them be sort of whatever contrast they were, and not mess with them too much. The one of the two people doesn’t have sufficient depth, but I like their expressions well enough. I also don’t understand why there were spotlights in the bathroom, but there were. I don’t think either one of us was really feeling the vibe at this club, so we ducked out pretty quick.

Oh yeah: I’m selling my Leica. I started having those thoughts, all the stuff I was talking about in the previous post, and I was just going to put it on the shelf for a while, but then our taxes came in and we owe enough that coming up with the money other ways was going to be difficult. So, it’s on ebay, along with the summicron. Oh well.

I’m a little bummed about it, but really the kind of images it’s good at making aren’t really what I want to be doing. I mean, look at this post: Side-on photos of people in the train, one slightly blurry portrait, and a couple static scenes. I want to be making good portraits. That’s not to say the Leica isn’t a good portrait camera, but it doesn’t work that way for me.

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shadows in the city

I think I may have a weird mental block around the Leica. I did a little shooting this weekend with the Fuji again, and it was a lot easier to work with. I think actually the thing that made it easier is autofocus. Call me lazy, but I think it’s actually faster than I can focus. When I was younger, I could almost always beat the AF, but maybe I’ve lost a step, or the talent has atrophied. Either way, here I am. People move around a lot, and also they are often closer than 2.5 feet from the camera, and I noticed that too. I took three lenses and only used one, the 35mm ‘Fujicron,’ which is a 50mm full frame equivalent (roughly ~52.5mmE, but who’s counting?). It’s an excellent lens.

I’ve been watching this youtuber Thomas Heaton and in particular this video (although I’ve been watching since he was reviewing a camera I was curious about) where he talks at length about going down a wrong path with his channel and his photography, obsessing over gear and chasing likes and not really just focusing on making good images. It’s a good lesson, and something I myself am continually re-learning. I think some people can obsess about this stuff, but it’s not something that’s healthy for me.

So here we are. These, incidentally, were taken with the Leica, not that it matters.

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