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Projections and lights and mirrors. Interactive, sometimes. I can’t say it was a place made for instagram, in the vein of the Museum of Ice Cream, since it was kind of difficult to photograph in all that dark, projector filled space. Still, neat. I can tell that the place was designed so that you really had to see what the creators wanted you to see.

Anyway. Working on trying to find financing to buy another Leica. Shooting with it doesn’t endear me to it, but working on these files sure does. I don’t know how, exactly, to make this work, because consumer financing at the point of sale has ridiculous interest rates; highway robbery by another name. If I had a business entity, it’s possible I could lease it, and that’s a bit more reasonable. Might look into that a bit more.

Posted by Matt on 2019-05-22 00:16:38 -0700

tokyo at night

So, after the robots, we came out and it was nighttime, and I don’t really remember what happened. I think we probably walked somewhere and got some food and went back to the hotel. The pictures seem to indicate we walked through Shinjuku some more, getting closer and closer to the hotel.

I feel like right now there are a bunch of things I’m supposed to be working on, and if I can pull off half of them, I’ll be doing pretty good. The short list in no particular order:

  • building a headlamp (mostly done; board bringup and programming left)
  • building a bike frame (maybe 1/3rd of the way done)
  • live art installation at Priceless festival (woot! this should be simple and fun)
  • Parents’ visit (Hi Mom!)
  • making bags (this should be higher in the list)
  • brewing beer (which is really hosting dinner for people while someone else brews beer)
  • zine shelf (for a friend)
  • all the other photography I’ll probably do.

Oh, also hold down my day job because only one of the things on this list pays in money. I’m not mad about it, per se, just that I’ve set myself some lofty goals for shit to get done this summer. At least now I’ve put the short form of the list somewhere more concrete than twitter.

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too many robots (robot restaurant)

Maybe this isn’t too many robots. I was thinking I needed to cut this down some, but decided to throw out a twitter poll and see if I needed to. The people have spoken, so here are 34 pictures of the act inside the Robot Restaurant.

The place is not really a restaurant. There is technically food, and while I’m sure, in that Japanese way, just like food from 7-11, it’s perfectly fine, it’s not a place you go for food. There are good drinks, strong. How can I describe it? It’s sort of like what happened to opera when they mixed in rock to make rock opera, but done to Kabuki theater and then with a shit ton of LEDs and shiny costumes and sort of real robots? Wild stories of nature versus technology, silly dancing, and a fire breathing dragon, briefly. Everything is dialed to 11, and then multiplied. I could hardly keep up, and I was sitting the whole time.

And then there was a brief calm period, with rave dancers and lasers. Then, to giant silver robots came out and danced. Then, just because obviously that wasn’t enough, there was a fish show. No, not Phish. Fish. Well, an aquatic themed dance number, complete with more giant platforms with drums and dancers. Really, a hell of a show.

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getting around Tokyo

This was that same day, just making our way from one place to another. The byways of Tokyo were something else. The city seemed to have a good handle on ways for people to get around, as if it weren’t designed just for cars, but rather, for people on bikes or on foot as well. That said, there was always traffic, of all types. Always people moving around.

Our fellow tourists stuck out like sore thumbs, all luggage and maps and confused looks. The locals were more varied, if I can make generalizations about 10 million people. It’s like any big city; there are people there from all walks of life; if there aren’t, then it will rapidly become not-a-city anymore. Think of a city of 10 million people without plumbers or janitors or street-sweepers. This is the problem that San Francisco faces; no more variation of people, no more heart. I’m not saying SF should copy Tokyo’s density and sprawl, but they could certainly take some notes on the efficiency of transit. (OK, a little density couldn’t hurt us either).

Playing around with some Lightroom presets designed to mimic film stocks again; just a bit of fun. Looks nice on the screen.

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