toured the mormon temple

This was shortly after my initial ankle injury but before I was really taking it seriously; it was sprained at this point, but not really painful to walk on, so walk I did. It was later that week that everything came undone and I went to the doc for the initial consult.

The temple gorgeous and somehow ominous at the same time. Could just be me, but I was not feeling a great deal of loving vibes coming off of the place. The interior, which I wasn’t allowed to take photographs of, was fairly maze-like; it reminded me of a casino interior. Expensive and bad for the head. Also, at any given time, I couldn’t have told you which way was out without locating the ‘Exit’ signs. All in all, I was glad to get out of there.

Maybe the bad vibes was coming from the part of my brain that kept insisting that all of the things the tour guide told us were filtered through what they were allowed to say by the church, and the constant energy required to remind myself that it’s quite possible none of what was being said is true. Not the surface level stuff. I’m quite sure we were shown the room where they ‘baptize’ the dead so they can also ‘go to heaven’ (Someone should have a word with them about the golden statues in that room, holding up the altar. The god of Abraham was never partial to those). No, the mental energy was spent recognizing that the Mormons do the actions, but their reasons and expected result are so much smoke.

There was a lot of stuff like that, too much to really catalogue. And it’s late. Three posts in one day, that probably means I’ll take a month off.

Posted by Matt on 2019-10-05 00:53:30 -0700