dinner club at allies (with special guest mabel)

I think this was february? (checks date in photo metadata, without which I would only know it was “sometime in the past”) yep for sure february. the 19th. There was lasagna and a dog and stories. I may be being slightly silly.

These are black and white because they don’t work in color. mixed LED and CFL bulbs is my suspicion. I don’t go in for the whole color masking acts of god thing that some people do. As the saying goes, Ain’t nobody got time for that.

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to the top of mt diablo

phone blogging, sorry if these are a little weird. we woke up hungover this morning, but sophie went out for coffee and said ‘we should go for a drive.’ i instantly texted back ‘mt. diablo’. it’s been on my todo list since roughly 2015 (whenever Charlie mentioned it in his newsletter back when there were like three people doing tinyletter).

so we had some at-home breakfast burritos, watched the rest of the movie we paused, and then headed out. it’s about an hour drive, lots of twisties, lots of bikes on the road to the summit. i’m tempted to bike it myself. only a 10% grade ;)

so here’s today.

Mt Diablo Mt Diablo Mt Diablo Mt Diablo Mt Diablo Mt Diablo Mt Diablo Mt Diablo Mt Diablo Mt Diablo Mt Diablo Mt Diablo

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night in the city and the cat

The cat comes first, of course.

That single light in the middle is an extension cord, that seems to be powered. This lot has been vacant since at least 2010. what the hell was it powering?

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damaris' birthday 2018

This was something like two months ago? Shortly after I got back from Irvine, anyway. It was Damaris’ birthday, and there were a bunch of folks over at their house to celebrate. Really fun time.

Missed a couple days’ blogging there. It’s interesting how easy it is to fall out of the habit of doing this thing. Something I have to push myself to do. I know, I’m being lazy with these, but the lighting was super mixed and tricky, so here they are in black and white.

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