walking home on san pablo

I need to redesign this whole thing… blog needs a polish, for sure. I put together a newsletter, but tinyletter kind of sucks for sharing photos. There’s a limit on the width of 600 pixels, or roughly nothing. I tried to figure out ways around it, but in the end it really doesn’t work. Photos just don’t look as good small. More is more.

Took these on the way home from a friend’s birthday drinks. An eclectic group. I made the mistake of having the first couple rounds before having any food, but managed to recover thanks to several slices of pizza (and the kindness of relative strangers). San Pablo, of course. This is sort of the section that’s closest to my house, which I knew would be maybe an issue with the project. I’m close to here a lot, so the photos will reflect that. On balance, it’s not too bad. I just need to get out and shoot more.

(I started this 2 days ago, and just now hitting the publish button, which is a shell script, but nevermind that. These things take time).

Posted by Matt on 2020-01-27 05:23:10 +0000