muir woods and beach

This was… sometime towards the end of September? I was freshly out of the boot, but still not walking a ton. My parents came to town and wanted to see Muir woods, or maybe I suggested going? Doesn’t matter. Nature hike, relatively flat and nice. Short, too. Less than a mile. We got done there and had a little steam left, so we went over to Muir Beach, too. It was overcast by the time we got there, but still really pretty/nice. The ocean, with no memory.

Too many computers, and too many things happening to keep track of the photos, really. I need to spend some energy towards getting my photos from the last several months together. It’s like, the moment I got my cast off and was allowed to walk again, things started taking off, and I didn’t have any kind of routine in place to keep things organized, so they’re spread out over my desktop, laptop, and iPad, and also some still on each camera (all three have seen some use). So yeah, trying to catch up and make sense of everything. Pushing out photos as I do.

Posted by Matt on 2019-11-23 15:27:21 -0800