sophias birthday karaoke @ the mint

Posting when I’m moderately more coherent than I usually am… what can I say, the thoughts that come out at 1am are a little disjointed. It’s a blog. There’s no peer review, no editor. There’s rarely a proofreader. Anybody can hang a little piece of content on the internet to call their own; that some of it is rough and a lot of it is crap goes with the territory. BUT, the extraordinary freedom that comes with that is really great; you get people being their truest, most honest. The ideas don’t always join up but the photos, being mainly about a feeling, usually still work.

My recollection of this evening is a little blurry, too. It was Sophie’s actual birthday, and we invited a ton of people, made the different friend groups all come together a bit. The Oklahomies, the Cali friends, the work friends; if you didn’t get an invite, it’s solely my fault and the capacity of the room.

The Mint was a lot of fun. Rum and cokes all night, and then I find myself outside having a smoke (don’t worry mom, I don’t inhale) and looking up and taking drunken pictures of the palm trees. And then back inside. Yes, I sang something. No, I was busy, so I didn’t get any photos of that.

Enough rambling. Time to go party.

Posted by Matt on 2019-04-19 20:36:06 -0700