street stuff from months ago

You can probably guess how tempted I was to remove that big gulp from the first image; pretty sorely, actually, until I realized it actually added a little verisimilitude and character. These photos are again just the first few off the queue that I didn’t hate and delete immediately with some minimal developing sprinkled over them.

Figured out the last outstanding issue with the bags today; the pocket flaps are now ready for prime time. I also found out, if I plan to sell these, I need to get a license from the state to make them and it’s $750 per year. Had a lovely conversation with a friend who started and then shuttered a boutique lingerie line a while back, and she gave me the name of her pattern person and cutter and everything, even though I’m a long way off from doing anything but making bags one at a time. It did occur to us that doing bags, especially just one, the way I’m thinking about starting, means I don’t have to keep different sizes or do a bunch of different patterns for different ones. So that’s nice.

Also: finally got a video card in my hackintosh, and I really wish I’d done it first instead of trying to mess with the onboard graphics. It runs a lot better. My build is now essentially this one from Stork but I have 2x16Gb ram modules, with an eye to adding two more whenever the price dips or I get a little extra cash.

Anyway, that’s the news from here.

Posted by Matt on 2019-01-07 00:48:30 -0800