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One thing about this feeling like a slump is that it might just be the way I’m feeling. I realized after writing that the other day that I hadn’t even cleared off the camera in a couple weeks, and maybe I just needed to trust the process a little more. These are maybe not my best work but I am getting better at getting close to people, and at just having the camera ready to shoot. Sometimes I still catch it asleep, which is a little frustrating.

I wanted to post every day, but I’ve been building a new keyboard instead. The Infinity Ergodox I use at work is about to have a USB port failure, so I need to repair it, but first I have to rush through this build for the semi-wireless one (there’s a wire connecting the halves but optional for connecting to the machine). It’s mostly wired, and the case bits are coming along nicely.

Anyway, here’s today.

Posted by Matt on 2018-09-28 00:51:08 -0700