rad last june

So, this was probably the June edition of Radical Art Directors, which is really a meetup of a bunch of artists more than art directors; there are about half working artists and half people like me that do a day job to support all of this. It’s a good event, pretty much always, and good to get together with artistic peers and talk about stuff. Sometimes there’s structured discussion around the topics, and sometimes it’s just pretty free-form. These are rad people.

This (and one more wedding post) is the last of the film work. I’ve got half a dozen rolls that I need to process, but I’ve almost completely stopped using the film camera now that I have the Leica. End of an era. might pull it out of the cabinet if the mood strikes me, or if for some reason I need something small and light again. we’ll see.

Posted by Matt on 2018-09-03 23:02:38 -0700