lobster bake in maine

For a rehearsal dinner, we had a really nice cookout, Maine style. The lobsters we were eating, young lobsters, according to our hosts, were $5/lb. I know, here, I have a picture of someone pouring boiling water into a sink, but the locals called it a ‘bake’. Don’t ask me, I’m not from there. We ate with bibs and then there were wet naps and then, for desert, there were big dangerous sparklers. You know, not the kind you used to get as a small child, but the kind you were jealous of the teenagers having? Ah, memories.

I’m getting things a little out of order, but I feel like posting these first. I’ve also got some photos from our time in Boston the day before, but really it seemed like a good idea to put these up now. I don’t know, I’ve been welding and this was the first set I saw.

The welding continues apace. I may have this complicated-ass weld in by the end of the evening, or I may grind half of it out tomorrow and give it another go. Once the root pass is in, it’s a lot easier to make it go, that’s for sure.

Posted by Matt on 2018-08-20 22:16:42 -0700