happy hour one friday

I’m now roughly a month behind again; I’m not sure what night this was, but I think it was the week before Fletcher’s wedding. There’s a good reason for that: I’ve been between computers for the better part of two weeks, and my folks were in town, and before that I was actually in Boston for the wedding. And I’ve been sick since wednesday with some kind of sinus infection. So yeah.

So, now that things are settling down, I’ve of course got half a dozen projects going on. I’m still building a bike frame; I need to work on that some soon, before I lose momentum. It’s a replica of the bike I was riding when I was hit in 2009, but with track dropouts (still italian steel). I’m also working, as ever, on the San Pablo project. I’m wondering how many photos I need; I have maybe 80 in the edit now, and I need to winnow that down to the ones that are right for where the project is. The wedding edit is also large and needs to be pruned down; I’m at 78 which is far too many.

So yeah. Stuff is happening. More photos soon.

Posted by Matt on 2018-08-19 17:21:34 -0700