streets again

Again, taking the same photo over and over. again, looking at the street. feels like I’m getting really in tune with the film camera after these last couple weeks. its wants and needs and places it likes to go. The night shots in particular were a bit of a surprise. I took them at whatever slow shutter speed I figured I needed, and expected them to be blurry. but here we are, and they’re pretty OK.

Not a lot to say tonight, been working out and cleaning all evening. Excuses, I know. Getting ready to go to Boston and points north; there’s a wedding. Also getting my shop area ready for when my parents are here; I’m hoping I can spend some time getting more practical instruction from my dad, which means the workshop has to be in a usable state.

One small technical note: the picture with red’s java house in the background. it looks like I have sprocket hole agitation marks, but none of the other pictures seem to exhibit them. I’m too tired to take them out, anyway. I’ll be more careful next time, developing.

Posted by Matt on 2018-07-16 23:59:57 -0700