odd moments

I’m grouping these together because I feel like it, and because I can. They’re from two recent Odd Salon events. There’s a kind of coverage that one of the regulars (maybe a fellow?), Alexander, does very well: the long lens, close portraits of all the speakers (if I knew what his web site was, I’d link it here). I tried my hand doing that, and found that I was much more interested in watching the talks. So now, when I have my camera, I might shoot a couple pictures of whoever is speaking, but I’m also just as interested in all the things that happen around the event.

There’s a set of sort of symbols I associate with Odd Salon. The Curator’s chair. The Podium. The light in the wings, and the odd sunbursts. They’re a thing. Anyway, here’s today.

(There’s also the angle of the people that are actually working the event, the food vendor and the bartenders; that’s a different essay.)

Posted by Matt on 2018-06-27 23:36:45 -0700