niles on film

these are from the same day as my last post from niles, just a roll that took me a long time to get processed. I think i was only shooting color in the 6x9 at the time, and it was certainly before i put together the film darkroom here.

as it happens, I was in niles today, again, coming back from camping. We camped west of san jose, up in the hills at some county park that chris and angela found. The campground is what’s known as a ‘walk in’, as in you have to haul all your eqipment some distance from the parking lot. It was quite the hill, too. We were camping with the aforementioned brumfelds, and some friends of theirs, I believe journey and Marco? good people, and relaxation was had all around. I figured out how to use a stainless steel water bottle as a waveguide to boost my cell signal, and read a bit more of Death Comes for the Archbishop which is a really lovely book set at a pace altogether orthogonal from what I normally read.

Anyway, one of our camping traditions is to stop for pizza at broncho billie’s in niles, when it’s anywhere near the route home. It’s really amazing pizza, a combination of doughy on the inside and crisp on the outside, with generous toppings and sauce. It is, without question, one of my favorite pizzas, but probably also because of the ritual that surrounds it. Coming back from camping, having done the work of breaking camp on coffee and protein bars, we’re always hungry when we get to the place. I always get the Bull Durham, which is every meat topping they have. So good.

I’m off this week, in preparation for the new job starting a week from wednesday. I plan to build the bike frame, or at least make some progress on it; I need to make at least one fixture to make it come together properly. Also, I have a whole ton of scanning to get through.

Here’s today, anyway.

Posted by Matt on 2018-06-11 01:35:16 -0700