a few more black and white photos

This is the last of the black and white work that I have scanned at the moment; I have a bunch more in various stages of getting into the computer. Three rolls unprocessed, three that need to be scanned, and one half roll in the camera that I’m exctied about.

Anyway, these are sort of random. Yesterday, I was going to talk about the mood in the city, but it doesn’t quite feel right with these photos. maybe later, after the new film is scanned.

Fletcher in his natural habitat, playing a tabletop game. Gym? I’ll show you a gym. Saibh, with her hat. I’m not sure it wasn’t a doll’s hat before this photo. SF. No idea what I was doing there. Maybe this was from the passenger’s seat in the car?

Posted by Matt on 2018-06-08 00:20:10 -0700