sonoma clouds and sundry

this was a trip that we took up to Sonoma to pick up a club shipment and attend a tasting event where they had all these little bite sized pairings to go with the wine. Lovely food and drink. Pangloss was the name of the place. All the people there are as nice as you might expect from a place who’s owner has enough of a sense of humor and love of Voltaire to name a joint Pangloss.

the clouds that day were bonkers. Just puffy, light things that hung in the air and provided shadows over the landscape for added drama. Not only is Sonoma a nice place to get to, but it’s an enjoyable drive up. The drive back is usually at the same time as 10000000000 other idiots that have also been tasting and drinking all day, so it’s something of a wash. As we left, the colouds sort of built up off to the east and started to close in; we made it home just before the rain started. The last photo, of right before we turned onto San Pablo, was bright, direct sun on the foreground, and ominous, dark clouds just behind. Luckily, it was just rain.

I say “just rain,” but ask me about the rain in brasil sometime. Yowsers.

sophie, tolerating my bullshit again. the wine may have helped.

Posted by Matt on 2018-05-02 23:43:12 -0700