kawan's birthday 2018

End of February. Winter doldrums were getting kicked out for some spring energy. I ate before I went, something I don’t even remember, and then there was a lot of food and booze when I got there, always a good sign. It was a most excellent party, with dancing and champagne and every single person there was really rad. Which makes sense, since Kawan is one of the raddest dudes I know.

Lighting conditions were mixed, again, but most of these were salvageable. The middle black and white I could have balanced but I liked it better black and white. The last one there was no way I was getting that right.

I fell in love with the little hallway. Kawan’s apartment/studio is one of those Escher spaces, that don’t make sense unless you draw a floor plan out. We have a lot of those here in SF. But the hallway, with the mirror, was like a perfect photo warp zone. I could shoot there all day Practically did, the party went on for quite a while.

Posted by Matt on 2018-04-24 01:11:42 -0700