another post with a sunset

The process for these posts is mostly what’s next in the queue, but sometimes, there’s not enough to hang together as a story. I used to care about that, but I don’t think I do any more. These aren’t picture stories; they’re just blog posts.

On one level, that seems diminutive and silly. But on another it’s relatively freeing; I can do whatever I want with this. If I wanted to talk about my new watch plans, there’s nothing stopping me. I don’t know why I ever separated that stuff, except that I assumed different groups of people would be interested in different aspects of what I was into, and domain names seemed easier than post categories. Oh well. Maybe I’ll fold what’s over on into this blog. just merge ‘em all together.

These photos are in reverse order, because they seem to flow better day into night. Also, they don’t bear any real relation to each other (the last three are on San Pablo, but that’s it). Just sort of shooting where I was when I was there.

Posted by Matt on 2018-04-17 00:06:27 -0700