bunker club

This was my first night hanging out back in OKC over the holidays; it would have been Boxing day. Bunker Club is a new place since the last time I was there, a real nice atom-punk bar; 50s retro theme. Call it nostalgia for the 80s nostalgia for the 50s, viewed through a drunken fun house mirror.

Anyway, that night I went and got a burrito at Big Truck, and then headed over to the bar. I sat down at the one empty spot to wait for everyone, set my camera and beer down, and the girl sitting next to me says ‘Nice camera, too bad it’s not a Canon’. We got to talking for a minute, turns out she’s also an artist.

Of course, the main event, the whole reason I was out at a bar instead of sleeping after spending the better part of the day in the welding booth getting a lesson from my dad, was to see KJ and Grant and Damaris. Grant and Damaris live out here, but we still only seem to see each other once every other month, if we’re lucky. Hard to coordinate time when we’re all available and such. So, I saw and talked to them, and drank quite a lot. They’re practically giving away beer in Oklahoma, you know.

So, I ended up back at KJ’s house, where there was a 12-ft long water spirit from Spirited Away hanging in the living room. I think it was about that point that I passed out on the couch.

Posted by Matt on 2018-01-12 00:19:30 -0800