rando game

You know that game where you look around you and guess who is the spy? If you can’t guess who it is, it’s you. There’s a party version of the game, but it’s called ‘Rando’. A party is defined by the quality of its randos (to steal a great line from busblog). You know, the guy that has that awesome story from that time about the thing, or brings the host’s favorite type of liquor or is just witty as shit. Well, I was at this party and looked around, and sure enough, I was one of the randos. This is a good enough crowd where there were several and all hella interesting.

The crowd was some people I know from odd salon (Hi Barbara and Justin!), and a bunch of new folks. I got there, took a bunch of pictures, but I was drinking straight gin at first, so the latter ones aren’t so great. I ended up hanging out and talking with people till there were maybe half a dozen hangers-on, and took a drunken cab ride home. A wonderfully pleasant evening.

Posted by Matt on 2018-01-08 23:28:41 -0800