second batch of leica photos

Another 2 days, and 20 more photos. I gotta say, I love the lens on this camera. Summicron wide open is just a really nice look. The fine detail you get out of this system is just unbelievable. That said, highlights are still garbage and the meter is so bad; not just a little bad but super inconsistent. My guess is that they’ve biased it to underexpose to compensate for the highlight issue. My conclusion so far is that there’s nothing I can’t do with my Fuji by using it in aperture priority and shooting with lower ISOs.

The house across the way from ours. Different house, same fence. Sophia takes an important call. Kage? This little toy just cracks me up. Not Santa. Me, by Sophia. Real Champagne. Classy joint. Much less classy. They made me take my hat off after 10pm; something about gang fights. Sophie, towards the end of the night.

Posted by Matt on 2017-12-23 09:54:11 -0800