first pictures from the rented leica

So the first 24 with this camera have been a little rough. You might say it’s a little peculiar. I’m not used to an exposure meter that’s center-weighted (and don’t tell me to use the live view). It takes kind of a long time to wake from sleep. The truth is, though, for all it’s problems, I really like it.

This morning, for no reason I could discern, I woke up at around 6:30, and I could tell that there was light behind the curtains, so I figured right then and there was as good a time as any to take the new rig out for a test ride. (The first photo is from last night, but I liked it enough to leave it in the edit). I pulled on yesterday’s clothes and my boots and went for a walk.

I didn’t walk too far before hopping on the 72M bus, which took me north to Albany. I’ve been meaning to go shoot up there for the San Pablo Project. I got to shoot for about an hour. The light was super contrasty, and the camera had a tendency to underexpose that I’m not mad about, really. At the lower end of the ISO spectrum it’s got tons of information before it’s really clipped. Probably an extra stop over the in camera warnings. On the other hand, highlights clip like it’s 2006. I’ll have to do some actual tests if I get a chance, see where this thing actually clips at each end, and calibrate my shooting accordingly.

I look at these photos and I can tell right away they’re mine. But there are a couple (the green one with the reflections esp.) that I simply wouldn’t have gotten with a different camera. This thing encourages shooting wide open, something I really miss, and also the focusing mechanism is set up so that it can’t get confused by the near objects in front of you. If you can see it, you can focus on it.

Of course, I’ve had an hour with it so far. And then tonight at the gym I did something to my knee, on the MCL side, that made me get one of my crutches out for support. So, I might not get to do as much walking and shooting as I’d like. I’ll still be shooting, though. I’m here till the light goes out.

(update after day 2: yup, didn’t get out to shoot at all).

Posted by Matt on 2017-12-20 23:09:08 -0800