in the redwoods

This was the day we went to San Anselmo and took a little walk through the redwoods. Those black borders? Do not adjust your screen, there is nothing wrong; these are film pictures, shot on the massive 6x9 camera I picked up a while back.

We drove down in the morning and met up with Grant and Damaris at their house, then followed them to the little wilderness area. We hiked a little flat loop and looked at all the things; found some owl pellets and saw at least one nest.

They’re a touch dark because it’s hard, with film, to balance the range of highlights to shadows (the scenes have a range from deep shade to full sun). I think I should have erred a little more on the side of overexposure, in the case of the neg film; the slide film I don’t think there’s much I could have done to keep it in the range. Overexposed a stop and then pulled it maybe.

Up next: Pride! woot!

Posted by Matt on 2017-09-10 18:59:08 -0700