cmay in the bay

So, about three months ago, Christa was in town, and I took a bunch of pictures, in and around getting sick at the worst possible moment (having a houseguest). We did a day of touristy things; for some reason it was stupidly hard to get into the city but once we’d managed that it was a lot of fun. Then I got some sort of cold that I foolishly tried to power through and failed, so sat at home for a day.

I did get better in time to visit the de Young with her and our mutual friend Allyson. Then we went to the mission for drinks and then late burritos. I mobile-posted those photos, which means that they’re out of order (or the whole blog has gone nonlinear, possibly). I don’t remember the name of the beardy-glasses dude, just that he had a backpack full of art magazines and a sketchbook which he actually used.

Posted by Matt on 2017-05-22 00:09:43 -0700