the things I wish I carried

End of trip packing knoll

There comes a time in every trip when you have to empty out your luggage and sort the absolute necessities from the garbage you’ve re-packed in three different motels and not used once. I just did it for my suitcase, and it’s got me thinking about packing, and lists; what I forgot, and what I could have left behind.

First is the list of stuff I wish I’d remembered. I forgot my travel towel (don’t know where it is, in fact) and it’s super useful, even if the hotel/hostel/cabin/tent (etc) has a towel for every person. I especially miss mine when doing sink laundry. I also forgot to re-stock some of the consumables in my Dopp kit, notably the cotton pads I use for my face (I’m 32 years old and still have acne like a teenager; after a couple golden years in my 20s of low maintenance skin, it’s a wash and moisturize twice a day or I break out). That’s about it for things I miss. Total cost of about 6 oz. I also sort of wish I’d brought a water filter, but I haven’t been uncomfortable without it; the steripen has worked the one time I needed it, but the water still tasted pretty bad.

I also wish, just a bit, that I’d brought the larger camera bag. It fits my iPad and keyboard, and also a water bottle and a bunch of other stuff. The little bag isn’t the worst thing to happen, but I wish I had both options. That would also have bumped me up to my larger carry on, which would have meant I need packing cubes… etc. Oh: I also wished, several times, for a 10L dry bag to stash my camera gear in. And a non-GoPro waterproof camera. Again, I would have needed the larger backpack; I’m in a 30L daypack from Topo similar to this one; the big one is max-carryon sized, about 45L, from MEI.

Things I could have left at home: Binoculars, brought on the off chance that there would be clear skies and less light pollution. Neither of these things are true. Jeans: This was a guess on my part that I would be comfortable in them. The heat down here is way too much for pants. The tropics are an exception to my no shorts rule. Also: the 50mm lens; I haven’t bothered to carry it at all.

A few items I’ve picked up here that I’ll be bringing on my next trip to the tropics: A rash guard, made of wicking fabric, long sleeved. Gives about 30 SPF, very cooling when it’s wet, perfect for going in the water. Medication: I ran out of my prescriptions for blood pressure, and had to get them refilled here. The local pharmacy had two of the four, enough to prevent me from having an embolism or stroke or whatever.

Posted by Matt on 2017-04-27 21:08:54 +0000