in the street with the x-pro 2

on that last post, sophie chastised me for saying I wasn’t going to write a camera review, and then doing it anyway. What I meant was it wasn’t meant to be a thorough exercise in putting the camera through it’s paces, but more my first impressions. Now that I’ve had the thing a few weeks, I have more impressions.

Especially with the 14mm, it’s a machine made for the street. Discreet, close, quiet. Zone focusing is a cinch, and changing from manual to auto as needed is as simple as pushing the focus ring. I think all of these were hip shot, that is, not looking through the viewfinder, and manual focus.

That said, I do have a few gripes: the auto-switch between the eye-level viewfinder and the LCD is still too slow for quick shooting. The buttons on the back, including the little joystick everyone else was so happy about, are really easy to knock and move settings around. More than once I’ve found the camera in some weird drive or focus mode, with the focus point off to one corner.

When you shoot a lot with this camera, it gets warm in your hand. I ran down a battery shooting a group of dancers and mariachi band, and it was weird that it got that warm. I mean, pushing around those pixels can’t be easy, but still. I’m not sure that’s normal.

Next post: nothing about cameras. Probably a nice picnic.

Posted by Matt on 2017-04-05 15:31:28 -0700