around the lake day 1

This was the first full day, from the morning. We stopped at the big overlook again, and took more photos from there. Again, I’m a little sad to not have the film from that session, since I seem to remember shooting a lot on it. From there, we went to a spot where you could hike out to the shore, and then along it as well. That proved fairly difficult.

The shore of the lake is a very gradual affair, very flat in places, and with little natural vegetation, so it’s mostly one big mudhole. If you’re careful, you can go pretty far, between hillocks and rocks. I hiked that way for about an hour, making it all the way out to where I took the last two pictures without leaving a footprint. Then, on the way back, just as I was thinking I was back to solid ground, I managed to step into about 6 inches of mud, only one foot, and make a mess of my jeans. The sulphur smell was enough that I left my shoes and jeans outside the hotel room that night.

Posted by Matt on 2017-01-01 19:51:34 -0800