bridgeport in the morning

These are the rest of the pictures from that early morning in Bridgeport; I should have probably spent the first half hour driving out to the lake, but I figured I might as well spend some time in the town, and it ended up being worthwhile. There were no people when I first out at first light, but by the time the sun actually came over the mountains, there were a fair number, and a bakery right on main street had opened, and sold me a ham and cheese pastry.

One last view of the mountains and cows. There’s a feeling of spaciousness in the west, room to spread out. That includes just leaving stuff outside, in the alley. When there’s no limit to the space you have, organization looks different. Sunrise next to the bakery, where I sat and drank my coffee. This bird was awfully friendly; from his roundness, I think he was probably feeding off tourists’ leavings. He didn’t get any of mine, at least. Didn’t notice this place open while we were in town; I don’t think they cater to the 6:30am crowd. The general store where we got champagne and beer and snacks. Full disclosure: this picture has been cropped and perspective-adjusted.

Posted by Matt on 2016-12-31 15:58:03 -0800