3 unrelated photos

A short post without much to say for itself, while I’m waiting for my laundry to dry here in the city. This, to balance out the super long post I made two days ago. I shut off my facebook last night. We’ll see if I turn it back on or not, but this is an indefinite hiatus, brought on by their attempt to push me into Messenger and off the web.

There’s something to be said for hosting my own thoughts; nobody can push me around. Well, anonymous hackers could take down this little server pretty easily, but it’s more about controlling my own words and pictures. There’s no EULA to post these pictures and words to my own server, running free software. No rights grab by the hosting company, and nobody to say that I have to install some shitty chat app except me. The only way to save the open web is to stop playing in other people’s gardens, no matter how nice they are.

Violets, on my walk to work. This was before the move, I’m pretty sure. Ship headed out to sea, from the Bay Bridge. One of those days where you know fall is coming. The pyramid at the Contemporary Jewish Museum.

Posted by Matt on 2016-11-03 14:57:13 -0400