the next 8 pictures off the queue

So, this may be the last of the random posts. I started using my calendar , so I’ve been doing a lot more sort of structured activities; show up, do something, take some pictures, and go home. Usually with drinking. It would be thoroughly impossible to get done all the stuff I’ve done in the past month without it. A toolbox for my time, wherein I get organized and can do more. And ignore it when I need to.

The photos: starting with a lunch walk int and out of North Beach (where we sometimes go for pizza). Hipshot and then not. That last one, the “I want to believe in myself” patch, I want that patch. Then, a woman walking away from the montgomery bart, walking in front of the waste ground that used to be a parking lot. It may be again, some day. Then there are the photos of Adam’s birthday, him and Annie and then Adam and a friend in the second frame. And then a wall of flowers that I found somewhere. Some day, I’ll figure out how to make captions work here, and all of these little descriptions will just go next to the photos. until that day.

Posted by Matt on 2016-09-15 13:17:46 -0700