nyc in many posts 2

This was another walk, the one that separated ICP from the Whitney, which I got to with about an hour and a half before they closed. I didn’t take many pictures inside, pictures of museums all look the same to me. The street, though, the street is always moving, always changing. In New York, there wasn’t just a feeling of newness, but this feeling of many layers of history built up over time. That feeling of deeper history was one of the things I really liked. Another thing I liked: not everybody works in tech. Like, apart from the conference I was at, I didn’t meet a single engineer the whole time. Legit.

Yeah these are just street photos. Yeah a lot of them are shot from the hip. I’ve decided I’m OK with that. There’s just no time to stop and ask on the street. Sometimes I’m also shooting as I bring the camera up to my eye. Sometimes, it’s things that would be gone in the time it takes to bring the camera to your eye. There’s this great video, where Jay Maisel espouses the opposite approach, which I’ve been trying lately with some success. That is: walk slower. No, Stop. Wait. Something will happen. Take the picture that happens in front of the camera, not the one you’re looking for. We’ll see where it takes us.

Posted by Matt on 2016-08-14 21:33:11 -0700