a traffic jam caused by google

So, on the way to camping, Sophie and I came upon a large traffic snare. Instead of just sitting there in the jam, google maps directed us to take some side roads, a thing that it’s done in the past when I’ve hit this sort of traffic. The detours are usually interesting, at least, a break from the monotony of the interstate.

Anyway, we get off of I-5 and onto some side road, then the access road, then another side road, then through a neighborhood, in a shortcut that no sane person would ever attempt. After all that, we hit a two lane county road that was to take us back to the highway, where I tweeted: “In a traffic jam on a secondary road caused by Google maps. AMA” A bunch of other people, it seemed, had gmaps on in the car to get them north. At this one crossroads, we all hit the same stop sign. Even with that, we all saved 20 minutes over the traffic jam.

Which didn’t really mean anything, by the time we got to our campsite. We still had hours of daylight left. Easiest time setting up I’ve had in a while, since most of the time we leave after work, get stuck in traffic, and get to where we’re going sometime between 10pm and midnight. We even had time to cook a nice dinner.

Posted by Matt on 2016-07-05 19:05:44 -0700