ratatat in SF

So, in my last post I was complaining about having too much to do. I should have maybe been more careful what I wished for. I had a bit of an accident; I fractured my tibial plateau, for those at home that can’t read an MRI. I was practicing for my DMV exam on my motorcycle and bumped the throttle; next thing I knew I was in the bushes. I’d love to continue learning to ride when I’m healed, but really, I have too many other things going at once to give riding the attention it needs not to kill me.

Other things have happened to shorten the list of projects: I finished the writing machine, which I dubbed the Mosquito Cannon (as in ‘Don’t use a cannon to kill a mosquito’), as it is greatly over engineered for what it does. It’s kind of wonderful for just that reason, though. I assembled v4.5 of the watch, and it’s probably the last version I’ll do, unless something drastic happens. I’ve achieved my goals there; time to move on.

That leaves just a few things on my dance card. Photo work, including looking for a printer. The novel in progress, which I may start to serialize. Learning elixir for fun and profit. Getting my leg back up to full strength, as soon as the doc clears me to use it again. And last but not least, getting the new casa organized so we can have folks over. That’s probably a month’s work outside of work. Hopefully some time for blogging in there somewhere.

These photos are from some time before Bali; Fletcher asked me if I wanted to go to this show last minute, and I was free, so I went. That little sony kills it when you pay attention to exposure and keep it inside the dynamic range it gives you. It’s maybe as good as my D700 was in decent light, and no slouch in low light either. I also used it for the Florence and the Machine photos in an earlier post, but those were processed on my phone, so not really a great example, technically. Anyone who cares about highlight rendering should know that dcraw is poor for this camera, at least as of this writing. Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw seem a lot better.

light show rainbow blue light show ratatat with guitars, backlit

Posted by Matt on 2015-11-29 22:52:24 -0800