tinsley island

This was what, like 3, 4 weeks ago now? something like that. A really enjoyable couple days out on the California delta. I was just getting used to the sony at that point. Good camera, fast, does OK in low light. It's not terribly durable; my frame of reference is a professional DSLR like the D750 I have, though. I think it might just be in that category of camera that everyone else has, that needs to be in a padded case when it's not in use. I've dented a couple corners and filled it with sunscreen, destroying the flippy LCD. I've removed it, making the camera a little slimmer, but I wish it'd been a little more durable to begin with. It's an excellent carry-around camera, and amazing for street shooting. The experimental post I made the other day was all shot with it. It's small, silent, and produces really good results in decent light. So, even if this one bites it, I may buy another just like it. And a pouch to protect it.

Posted by Matt on 2015-08-12 15:21:01 -0700