santa fe again

In Santa Fe again. A lot of memories here, and a lot of things that have changed since I was here last, some seven or eight years ago. It's still an amazing place. I keep getting these flashes of memory as we drive by places; the car dealership one of my friends got arrested in front of, supposedly because he was hitting all the cars as he walked by, going home from the bar. Burrito Spot and all those times after last call. Breakfast at the Pantry. Wandering past roads I used to live down. I dont know if this is supposed to make me feel old or what, but I do. Drink one for the things that are gone, and enjoy what's here, that's all I can do. Yes, these are photos from last night. No, this does not mean I'm abandoning five months of photos. I'm on the road, and the majority of those photos are at home. Felt like blogging these.

Posted by Matt on 2015-07-05 09:36:02 -0600