a session with Baxter or a camera test

Yeah, I know. A couple nice short posts, and then WHAM, a dozen pictures. These were taken with the rental camera, the tryout weekend. I got to Chris and Angela's house around 10am, we wer going to hang out, have a picnic and hike a bit. Sophie wasn't feeling well that morning, but I still wanted to go, and when I got there, they told me to please take as many pictures as I liked of Baxter, so I did. He's just turning one; at the time of the photos he would have been ten or eleven months at the time of the photos. We had a picnic at an old farmhouse, now run by the state park that owns this section of the coast. There were giant bushes with warrens under them, big old trees, a really good spot. Then, we walked along that coast for a bit. Our destination was a fern grotto on the beach. But first: beautiful windswept beaches where humans aren't allowed and birds rule. The birds would run forward as the waves receeded and pick at the sand, and then run back up the beach, away from the wave. Walking along cliff, all we could do was look down. When we got to the fern grotto, we rested and snacked while Baxter played with rocks, and then walked back, at which point I was fairly tired. I know this because the photos slow down somewhat. The camera test: As I've said already, I'm in love with this camera. The D750 is a really amazing tool. While walking back, I saw a bird flying the opposite direction, towards us. I was able to raise the camera, zoom, and get 3 in focus frames as it passed. It also meant I got the photo of the unicyclist on the cliff. That speed helped a lot when shooting the kid, too. Kids aren't bird-fast, but they do change constantly, and unlike adults, they're completely unpredictable. It was also nice to use focal lengths other than 50mm. I may have overused the wide angle end a bit, but it works for some of these.

Posted by Matt on 2015-03-04 23:58:07 -0800