got my words back

I expected this weekend to be sort of hard and boring. I rented a camera, to see if I liked it. Instead, I fell in love with the camera, and found a part of myself that I dind't realize was missing. This is my review of the Nikon D750. It goes like this: I've spent over half my life at this point looking through a camera of one kind or another. The camera has always been my way of understanding the world. So, when I said on instagram that "It's like I'd lost half my vocabulary and now I've got it back," I meant exactly that. It's that feeling of walking into a room and turning a light on, or putting on glasses and suddenly remembering that trees have leaves again. Except, of course, all of the cognitive processes are thing that don't have words, so it's hard to even know that they're gone. Anyway, definitely getting one of these as soon as possible. I'm suddenly bullish on SLRs again. I shot all of these photos on the way home. Every time I see a picture, I can get it with this camera. The weak link in the equation is once again me. Am I too slow? Is the camera set weird? Otherwise, it's bang on. So, where before I would see a picture and not be able to get to the camera in time, with this, I can get the shot. Realizing this, I see a lot more. The world moves, and I move with it, dancing. The camera isn't perfect. The shutter button is a hair trigger, so a half press doesn't feel much different than a full press, but that is probably a matter of getting used to it. The focus modes aren't super clear, but again, that's probably a learning experience. There's noting else to complain about. ISOs up to 8000 are really quite good. The photos here have been pushed another three stops in post. I'd use 12800 without hesitation. The AF is AMAZING. That picture with the birds? I could barely see them, but it nailed it. That's all, except to say that I'm super stoked to buy one of these, so much so that I'm not going to bother renting the D810 to try. It's heavier and a touch slower. Not that I'd notice the difference in real shooting, but I've found the right machine. Why fuck around?

Posted by Matt on 2015-01-11 20:25:41 -0800