pictures from the bart

The daily commute. I've been pushing myself lately to make more pictures wherever I can. While I was working heavily on the watch, it seems my creative juices were at a low ebb, or possibly they were all used up. I'm getting back at it, though. Making myself shoot any time I think of it. There's never not time to snap a few photos. If if seems like there isn't, my priorities are out of whack. I used to shoot until I was literally passed out, wake up, take a few frames, and pass out again. Shoot while injured, shoot while dying od dysentery, shoot while on a bus, crashing into a ditch, shoot while digging ourselves out of the ditch. I was going to blather on about james baldwin here (the diff is in git if you're really curious) but I decided instead to link to this really useful list of "the things you'll need to write a novel": which is remarkably similar to the list of the things you'll need to do anything creative. The means are different, but eveverything else, yeah. Time, time, time, check. Selfishness, Generosity, check. The means? I hope so. A discipline: Yep. A yearning? Definitely. Tone? Yes. Lots of tone. Photography would be lifeless without tone.

Posted by Matt on 2014-11-16 17:53:26 -0800