many karaoke shenanigans

The dictionary tells us that shenanigans are when more than three people go to the Mint karaoke bar at any one time. The cold dictionary definition fails to capture the passion, the raw emotion of drinking 5 or 7 shots of fireball and singing "Baby Got Back" in front of your closest friends, and a bunch of people you hope to never see again. I'll leave it as an exercise for the reader who is who. Except the car guy I met outside smoking who wouldn't stop talking about his cars. F that guy. For the record, I sang "Man in Black", and I only had the one shot of fireball. The rest of mine were regular whiskey. And a couple whiskey colas. You can thank the autofocus that any of these are remotely sharp. Yes, the same autofocus I malign constantly. I shot a shit ton, and got a couple good ones. It's not how I like to do it, but I needed to do something, anyway.

Posted by Matt on 2014-11-12 23:14:16 -0800