today, today

Before you get to the blog post, you are aware of "what's happening in Ferguson, MO": , right? Good. If not, go read some news. I should note that the wikipedia article is out of date, and leaves out a lot of details. Everything has gone to hell again tonight, by all accounts. I'm going to try someting, because the mountain of images I have to edit and post here isn't getting any smaller, and I'm not going to stop shooting, either. So, I'm going to try to post all of the images from today, today. Today was a barbeque and a walk to CVS. Met a bunch of cool folks at the barbeque. Soph made her mac and cheese, not pictured, but good all the same. It was, overall, a success. Then there was the epic journey for benadryl. Well, a 15 minute walk, at least. The LED streetligts are weird; looks like Gregory Crewdson designed them for one of his shoots. That's all I can do right now.

Posted by Matt on 2014-08-17 22:48:48 -0700