game night at the old casa

Almost two weeks since I posted here. I've been busy. The new apartment is pretty livable at this point; the commute is settling into a routine, as is everything around the house. We have a microwave, finally, and groceries. We're still working on breaking the habit of eating out all the time, which is hard, with so many good options by our door... but that's totally a thing we can handle. Speaking of things that we're ready to do again, these pictures are of a game night we had sometime in january. "Game nights" are a sort of proxy for inviting interesing and cool people over to the house, having food and conversation. The games present a sort of framework for alleviating social awkwardness. It fills the awkward pauses, takes the pressure of having to actually talk to each other off, and so everyone actually talks. They pretty regulary become more like dinner parties where the dinner is delivery pizza. I'm thinking next time I might actually cook something. Spaghetti or lasagna and fresh bread, something nice. I'll have to consider how to accomodate vegetarians, though.

Posted by Matt on 2014-03-23 20:00:53 -0700