gonna start on a new book

I have a couple projects that at least have enough photos for book-ifying. I don't know which one, though. The street stuff is a little premature, I think; I don't know where it's going yet. The photos from the ferry might be a good group. There's also the signs project, which up until this moment only existed in my head... it's really loosely framed at this point, and none of the pictures have made it up here yet. It's also way too soon to put that one on paper. So, ferry photos it is. Of course, I have 10 other projects demanding my attention; there's the watch that I've been planning to build, there's the camera repair that I haven't finished, there's the postcard list, the wheels that I need to build for myself so sophie can have hers back, the bluetooth chording keyboard for my ipad, and the camera, which will happen about the time I retire at this rate. Anyway, don't look for this book thing to happen soon. I've no idea what form it'll be in, who'll print it, or any of that. Silly details.

Posted by Matt on 2014-02-25 22:20:03 -0800