Ronan's bday

I just realized I know two Ronans. One is in Oklahoma, and is distinguished from the one I know in California by being a) a toddler, and b) a girl. The one here is a 30 year old Irishman. Try not to get mixed up. We started at a tiny pizza place called Slicers. It was _packed_, just from our party. Place was tiny, and at the point we numbered about 15. Really, really good pizza though, and beers. Before too long, we moved down the road to this Tiki bar, where everything got both blurry and darker, if you catch my drift. No, It was literally dark in there, lit only by candles, and feeble, tiny bulbs on the wall. Last night, I nearly had a panic attack when my RAID stopped working. It was appearently one of those little blips that shuts the whole thing down entirely. A half an hour of troubleshooting and a reboot later and it was fine. For that half hour, I was thinking, fuck this, I'm going back to film. Film doesn't have these problems. But with film, I simply couldn't have shot in this light, at all. Reciprocity breakdown would have dragged these shots dow a couple stops below whatever ISO film I'd be using, and there'd be nothing in the shadows. 1/4 of a second at f/1.2, at least. So, I realized this, and then started looking at cameras again.

Posted by Matt on 2014-02-04 06:35:23 -0800