mountains on the way home

The way home was pretty awesome. Instead of going through Sacramento, we went through the Sierras. The day started out kind of gray, but then the clouds sort of broke open, with a high, thin haze and a bunch of small cumulus clouds closer to us. Really good light, as long as you can get your exposures right. I was shooting through all the windows, but I think the dirt and reflections work here. We stopped for pizza at Fallon's uncle's, which was amazing. After that I was pretty much out for the day. I think I may have also run out of camera batteries; I know I was tired and hung over. Everyone who came: Thanks so much. You guys helped make it special, and I know it wouldn't have been as fun without you. Now I'm going to stop, because I'm getting a sympathy hangover thinking about that day.

Posted by Matt on 2013-12-30 16:20:15 -0800