my second wedding, or, what happens when someone else uses the camera

We got to Tahoe about 1:30, with little idea of what to do next; we hadn't booked anything in advance except the airbnb we stayed in. The rooms were nice, but they didn't come with a chapel or courhouse, so we went to the internet in search of one. I found a chapel just up the way that would be able to do it for us, for something like $300, which was about what I expected. The lady on the phone sounded like she was used to dealing with the likes of me. Unprepared, not knowing what was going on. Fortunately, Sophie was there. She'd also been internetting in search of a solution, and found that the Nevada side of the lake had a weekend county recorders office open, and we could go there to get a license for $50. So, we all got in our cars and drove across the border. We got lucky, in that there was a officiant there; she was doing a ceremony up the hill or something, but she would come back for us in half an hour and do our ceremony for $40. So she did, and we did, and that was that. Here is where the subtitle comes in; I was a bit busy at the time, and so others in the party took pictures with mine and sophie's cameras, to varying degrees of success. All of the photos of the ceremony were a bit blurry or cutting vital parts of our anatomies, so none of thse are here. The group shots after were great, as were a couple of the portraits of me and sophie. Then there's the cake cutting picture from that night, where Sophie looks ready to kill, which is really one of my favorte pictures of her. I think someone implied that she was unabel to cut cake alone. At some point, later in the night, we decided to go down to the shore and look at the stars, which was pretty nice. Cold as all hell, but nice.

Posted by Matt on 2013-12-29 22:19:29 -0800