fuck it, time for some color

the number of times I've started a post title with 'fuck' is, in fact, pretty large. I blame it on society. B&W is awesome, and I think it was a much needed break from what I was doing, in order to get a better idea of where I'm going as an artist. Strip down, simplify, and don't fuck around with triviality for a while. But then today, I was editing these photos, and I clicked the one of the woman in the orange caot over to color for a second, just to see, and I realized that I was still seeing in color most of the time, and that may of these photos worked better in color. It would be a shame to hide something good for the sake of style. I can't ignore the evidence of my eyes. So here, some fucking color:

Posted by Matt on 2013-12-28 12:01:38 -0800