two more portaits

Man, portraiture. The world at large may have infinite variety and beauty (see, e.g., all of the work of Adams, Weston, the other Adams, Paul Caponigro, etc, etc) but man, to me, people are so much more interesting and dynamic. There's so much depth to a portrait, so many things that people automatically read and project onto the work that doesn't happen with landscape pictures. It's more difficult, because in addition to managing the light, the exposure, the framing, composition, and timing, people move all the time. I have a feeling that some photographers gravitate toward static subjects because they can't deal with the difficulties. Having said that, I just spent two hours glued to the plane window, shooting pictures of the passing mountains and clouds. I do both, because I can't refrain from taking a picture when I see one.

Posted by Matt on 2013-11-19 13:50:41 -0800