a grey ride through golden gate park

There's a certain hubris involved in putting these pictures up. I'm in effect saying that what I see has meaning and substance that's more than passing interest, and that my perspective by itself is important. Sure, we're all unique snowfalkes or whatever, but does the fact that I caught the mist just so in the first photo, or the gesture of the other riders in the other photos really matter? An "internet friend":http://busblog.tonypierce.com/ of mine said recently that if you're still blogging in 2013, you're not doing it for fame, or fortune, you're doing it for the love. That's definitely true of me. In the end, I don't care if it matters wether my perspective is important or not; I love these picutes, the people, the things that happen, and I want everyone to see that. No, it's not just that I love all this. I have a responsibility to show the world what I see. It's the social contract you make when you go out taking pictures, the thing that prevents it from being complete masturbatory voyeurism: you have to show everyone. Then it becomes a conversation, a discourse, not mere naval gazing. That's what I want.

Posted by Matt on 2013-11-03 22:12:12 -0800