the smaller camping trip

This was also incidentally the weekend when my trusty D700 bit the dust, or more precisely, took a bath. I was getting into my tube, and fell in with the camera. It was a brief dunk, but that was all it took. Almost four years of abuse, thousands of miles, and too may drops to count. The sands of Egypt, the streets of many cities, and finally what did it in was tubing in Sierras. I still have all the parts, and I'm eventually going to make it the world's most expensive photogram machine. It was seriously a great way to spend a weekend; The water in both spots we went to was just cold enough to keep you cool, but not enough to freeze you. There were trees for my hammock and plentiful beers. And then, on the ride home, we had amazing pizza.

Posted by Matt on 2013-10-31 22:27:56 -0700